Mountain Safety

Ski & Ride Safely

Safety First

Safety First, is something every skier or rider should live by. Nothing ruins a great day on the slopes faster than an accident that didn't have to happen. Whether you choose to ski or snowboard, there are elements of risk involved in the sport that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce.

Safe skiing and riding is each person's responsibility and you can help create a safer environment on the hill by "Knowing the Code".

Uphill Hiking & Skiing All Currently At Own Risk

No patrol. No maintenance for recreational use, no services. All access is at your own risk. No sledding. Unmarked hazards may be encountered any time (including construction, heavy machinery, man-made objects, variable conditions, avalanches and other hazards).

Chair Lift Safety

Now that you know The Code and how to keep your Smart Style, let's add a few points to remember about safe lift usage

Mad River Chairlift