The Louie Vito Rail Jam XIII & Fireworks

The Louie Vito Rail Jam XIII & Fireworks

December 30, 2016

Mark your calendars for this annual event featuring Mad River's own hometown hero, Olympic and X-Games superstar Louie Vito.  The day kicks off with head-to-head competition on the slopes in a rail jam with categories for all ages groups.  Register with a food item or monetary donation and directly benefit local charities plus get in the running for the largest prize giveaway of the season.  Head inside to get your gear signed by Mr. Vito himself and then stay for the evening's live music featuring a band TBD.  Once the sun sets we'll light up the sky with a fireworks display you won't want to miss.  




START TIME:  3:00pm

REGISTRATION:  11am - 2:00pm

CHECK-IN:      Noon – 2:00pm

FEE:  $10 or non-perishable canned or boxed goods, any paper products; like paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT:  Skratchmatik, CJDJ at the Red Bull’s DJ facility, and Reaganomics

SKILL LEVEL:  All Skills, all ages



11am - 2:00pm:  Check-In & Registration – MAIN LODGE 1ST LEVEL FLOOR

11am - 2:00pm:  Practice All Ages - LOUIE VITO LEARNING PARK - RAIL JAM VENUE 

1:00pm - 3:00pm:  Autograph Signing with Louie Vito – MAIN LODGE - BAR AREA

3:00pm:  Ages 10-13 Snowboard (30 minute jam session with a 20 minute jam Finals) –


4:30pm:  Ages 14-17 Snowboard (30 minute jam session with a 20 minute jam Finals) –


6:00pm:  Ages 18+ Snowboard (30 minute jam session with a 20 minute jam Finals) –


7:00pm:  Live Entertainment Skratchmatik, Bib Raffle, Product Toss (or immediately after last

     competition) in LOFT

8:00pm:  Awards Ceremony, Winners Announced, Largest Product Toss – LOFT

9:00pm / AFTER AWARDS:  Fireworks - SLOPESIDE

9:30pm:  Live Entertainment – Reaganomics – LOFT 


All times and order of contest events are subject to change depending upon number of participants, weather, and logistics.  Please listen to the announcements over the intercom for any changes, which may occur.  All participants are advised to stay close to the competition area in case of above circumstances (for example competition runs faster than scheduled.)  It is your responsibility to be ready to start when your time is called. 



Children under 10 may participate but it is not encouraged.  Judges will be handing out Finalist T-shirts to those who have qualifitied for the 20 minute Finals Jam. Winners in each division will be determined by a 30-minute “jam” session. The judges will be handing out “Finalist” t-shirts to those that have qualified for the 20-minute “Finals Jam” (which will take place immediately after these qualifiers.)  The course will be open for practice from Noon-2:30pm.  There will be no practice runs between age groups.  Live entertainment, awards will take place in the Loft and there will free giveaways (i.e. hoodies, t-shirts, snowboard gear, gloves, stickers, etc.) in addition to the huge prizes.  There will also be raffles.  Have fun and remember to have respect!                Rev: 12/29/16


Schedule always subject to change due to weather and operations.