Tubing FAQs


Here's a sample of the most commonly asked questions. Anything not listed can be answered by our friendly office staff by calling 1-800-231-7669 x 0. 

Are there any height requirements to tube? 

There are no minimum/maximum age or height requirements at the Avalanche Tubing Park. Young children are allowed to tube at their parent's discretion, however they must be able to ride in their own tube. No lap riders are allowed at the Avalanche Tubing Park. No exceptions. 

Can more than one person ride in our tube?  

We only allow one person per snow tube, so children may not ride on laps. If conditions permit, we do allow tubes to be "linked together" so that you can create a chain to go down the hill together. Tubes are allowed to be linked at the discretion of the tubing staff and managment. Certain chutes will allow for different numbers of tubes to be linked. Always listen to the attendants at the top of the park.  

Are there any waivers to fill out for tubing? 

Yes, each rider must sign a waiver at the time of purchase as well as display their valid tubing ticket on their person at all times. Groups of 15 or more will have a printable copy of the waiver emailed to them with their confirmation for remittance at the time their tickets are purchased. 

Can I tube head-first?  

No. Only feet-first tubing is allowed at the Avalanche Tubing Park.  

‚ÄčWhat should I wear tubing?  

It's best to dress in warm layers that you can and add or shed depending on the outside temperature. A waterproof top-layer is recommended, as well as warm socks and winter boots (no ski boots are allowed). Also don't forget a hat and gloves!! If you do happen to forget something the lodge offers retail items like hats, gloves, neck warmers, and hand/feet warmers for purchase.

When is the best time to tube? 

Just like a regular amusement park, the Avalanche Tubing Park will be busiest during weekends and holidays. On these days business levels are typically lower in the morning, pick up during the afternoon and evening hours, and then die down as the night progresses. It is possible that at times we can be sold out! 

Do you ever run out of tubes?  

Rarely but yes. The Avalanche Tubing Park is home to over 600 tubes however on our busiest days of the season we can reach capacity during certain time frames. With our tubing attendants tracking inventory and tickets in the park, it's typically only a short wait before we can accommodate additional tubers. During periods of full capacity, additional tickets will be sold as they become available based on position in ticketing line.  

Does my lift ticket for skiing include access to the Avalanche Tubing Park?  

No. A tubing ticket is separate from a lift ticket for skiing and snowboarding.