Season Pass FAQs


As always if you don't see the answer to your particular question you can always email us at or call our office 800-231-7669 during normal business operating hours.

What exactly is RFID Technology and how does it work for a season passholder (member) to walk onto a lift without a lift ticket?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. It is a tiny micro chip that will be embedded into your card. This will transmit a small radio frequency signal out from the card that our lift attendants will be able to pick up with a scanning gun. Just like a scanner at a grocery store that reads barcodes except a little more high tech.

How will the Lift Attendant know it's me using my season pass? 

You will still be required to have your picture taken and or submit one for the pass to be featured on your pass but when our scanners pick up your pass it will also transmit your name, picture, and any other information (rental, lessons, etc) to the screen on our scanning gun.  The lift attendant will then look at it to confirm it is you. 

Will non-passholders still be required to purchase lift tickets? 

Yes. Lift tickets will still be sold on a daily basis and this year we will be unrolling online lift ticket, rental, and lesson sales in advance of your visit.