Request a Refund

As noted in our terms & conditions (listed online here, printed on the paper registration forms, and included in the shopping cart's terms and conditions agreement) our general policy is NO REFUNDS on passes, lesson programs, SnowCards, or any other purchases at Mad River Ski Resort.

Only products purchased with the Product Protection qualify for the Administrative Process to potentially receive resort credit or rollover of the unused portion of the product to the following season.

If your request is approved, resort credit will be the purchase price of your pass, less the following items:

  • Standard lift ticket rate (and rental rate if applicable) during each day or session of use prior to receipt of the request

If you feel that you have a valid reason to enter the Administrative Process on a product that includes the Product Protection, you can submit your request in writing to Mad River for consideration.  (We do not accept requests via email--even if you include attachments that provide the requested documentation--or over the phone.)  Here is what we need:

1)  A signed letter, explaining in your own words the reason for your refund request.  Please include the passholder’s name, contact information and date of birth.  Also include your name and contact information, if it is different from that of the passholder.  (For example, if you are a parent making the request on behalf of your child.)

2)  Any supporting documentation that you can provide.  Supporting documentation usually consists one of the following:

  • A signed doctor’s note, on his/her office letterhead, verifying treatment for a medical condition which prevents you from skiing or snowboarding this season (in case of a medical-based request)
  • A signed letter, on company letterhead, that verifies your employment from the new company with whom you were hired (in the case of a request due to a job change out of state)
  • A signed letter, on company letterhead, from your supervisor verifying your job transfer/shift (in the case of a request due to a temporary job transfer or other assignment that takes away your ability to use a pass)

Mail these items to us, together, at:

Mad River Ski Resort

attn:  Administrative Process

PO Box  22

Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Please allow at least three weeks after receipt of required materials for processing.

All Requests must be received by February 20, 2017 at the latest.