First Timer's Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once you arrive you can get all the standard items from any of our regular ticket windows. To ski or snowboard you will need to purchase a lift ticket, and if you don’t have your own equipment, ask to have a rental included. Group lessons can be purchased at any ticket window, or private lessons can be purchased at our Guest Services counter, which is located inside our Administration building.
Yes, a lift ticket is required for any patron that would like to access the snow surface at Mad River. Beginners can take advantage of our designated learning terrain, and prior to progressing to chairlifts use our magic carpet surface lifts.
A valid lift ticket is required of anyone who is on the snow surface at Mad River. Parents may view their children from an off-snow area without needing their own lift ticket, however to watch from the hill or assist on snow, even if you are not skiing yourself, will require a lift ticket. Parents hoping to ride the chairlift with their child will also need to have the proper ski or snowboard equipment in addition to a lift ticket.
A waterproof top-layer such as snow pants and a jacket are recommended, and underneath it’s best to dress in warm layers that you can add or shed depending on the outside temperature. Cotton garments are not recommended as they retain moisture. You’ll also need winter accessories like warm socks, gloves and hats. Goggles or sunglasses will protect your eyes from sun, wind or falling snow. Mad River Mountain’s on-site retail shop can help equip you with any of these items you have forgotten or do not own. If it's a sunny day don't forget the sunscreen!
You can wear any type of shoe to get to Mad River Mountain. Skiing and snowboarding require designated boots that you would either purchase on your own or are included with our equipment rentals. We recommend you leave your personal belongings, like shoes, in your vehicle during your trip to Mad River.
Helmets are not mandatory at Mad River Mountain but are always a smart choice for safety as well as retaining head warmth. Helmets can be rented for $10/day, or purchased in our retail shop at a variety of price points.