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Bud Light Concert: The Menus

Sat, Jan 26

Time: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM

The Menus are known to bring it hard when the weather is warm, but lead singer Tim Goldrainer and the rest of the band are not just boys of summer they have rocked the Loft for year's and we're happy to welcome them back to Mad River Mountain.  

The energetic and flexible front man (he’s been known to do the splits) gets as much attention for his zany-as-heck wardrobe as he does voice. He has been known to don everything from a chicken suit to a fetching checkered mini skort to an ushanka hat that makes one think of Russia and the cold war.

The Musical force is strong with the Menus.  Tim has a way of grabbing the attention, but the boys can play.