Gear Up for Ski Club!

*Snowblade rental is not available. Sled dogs, Big Feet, Snowrunners, etc., are not permitted in the Club Program at all.


  • Club Members have the choice to either RENT our equipment OR bring their OWN.
  • Members  MUST stay on the same type of equipment/sport that they selected when they registered for the club (either online or paper form). Once the 5 weeks of lessons have been completed with their chosen equipment/sport, the club member is free to rent whatever equipment they would like from then on. But the 5 weeks of lessons must be completed first. The only exception is for members that signed up for snowboarding, who may ONLY switch to skiing during that first week of lessons and prior to the second week of lessons.
  • Helmets are available for rental at an additional $10 per visit.


  • For beginners, renting is the best and most economical introduction to skiing or snowboarding. Members renting equipment proceed directly to the rental department with their Club Card. Our employees will select and distribute the proper equipment for each person.
  • Ski Boot Sizes: Largest = Men’s 16 Smallest =  Child’s 6 
  • Snowboard Boot Sizes: Largest = Men’s 15 Smallest = Child’s 13
  • Rentals include: for skiers- skis with bindings, boots and poles; for snowboarders- snowboard with bindings and boots  


  • Club members that have their own equipment and wish to use it during the Club Program are more than welcome to do so.
  • For those members who have their own snowboards, metal edges are required.
  • Strap-on bindings DO NOT require a leash; step-in bindings DO require a leash or brakes.