Club Program

Boston Mills, Brandywine and Alpine Valley offer a season-long Club Program for skiers, snowboarders and snowbladers ages 8* to 18**. The Club Program includes 4 hours of slope time per session, equipment rental and up to five lessons. For the first five visits, club members arrive and depart as a group with their club advisor. Afterward, club members are welcome to continue visiting on their designated day(at no additional charge) using your Club Card

Clubs begin in January, as determined by BMBW and AV, and continue to the end of the season. If BMBW or AV must cancel one of your five guaranteed club visits, we will schedule an additional session for you. Individual make-up lessons are not available.

*Must be 8 years old by January 1, 2018.

**Proof of age may be required



* If you still need to register for your club, please do so using the following: 


Bring the completed form to BOSTON MILLS along with cash, check or credit card for payment. 



If you can't make it up to Boston Mills prior to your club's first visit, just bring the form (signed by a parent/guardian if under 18) along with payment on your first club visit and we'll take care of you! 

ADVISORS CLICK HERE to access your current club rosters.

Monday, November 20th - 1st Club Registration Deadline 

  • All registrants that make this deadline will receive their Club Cards early. 
  • Also are eligible to use their Value Passes by December 18th

After Tuesday, November 21st 

  • Administration fees apply to all changes made to a club registration from this date forward
    • Examples: changing clubs, changing sports.
    • All members that register from this point forward will receive their Club Cards on the first night of club in January.
    • Will NOT be able to utilize their Value Passes in December. 

Friday, December 29th - 2nd Club Registration Deadline

  • ONLINE registration closes at midnight. 
  • All members must register using paper forms available through your Club Advisor from this point forward

Monday, January 1st- CLUB PROGRAM BEGINS!
Monday, January 8th - Administration fees applied to all club registrations received from this date forward

        Includes Club Card, lessons, ski or snowboard rental and Value Passes.

  • Does NOT include ski blades. Does NOT include helmets.

Season Passholders Option:
Season Passholders ages 8 to 18 are not required to join the Club Program through BMBW or Alpine Valley in order to participate.  If they wish to participate with a particular club, they are more than welcome to do so on their designated night and receive the five lessons.  No additional cost is required by BMBW or Alpine Valley. However, each individual club may have their own requirements so please be sure to check with your club's advisor.  

Pick-A-Day Passholders do NOT qualify as Season Passholders in correlation with the Club Program.

The Club Program is for skiers and snowboarders ages 8 to 18 years of age. Club members must be 8 years old by January 1, 2018.  


The Club Program is the most heavily discounted program at BMBW, with savings of almost $400 over the standard snow pass, rental equipment and lesson price. There are NO REFUNDS on this heavily discounted program for any reason, including student removal from the club due to disciplinary reasons invoked by the club advisor, BMBW Ski Patrol or BMBW Management.

Pricing depends on the day and time your club visits. 

Regular Price:


*Premium Price: 


*Premium Pricing is for those clubs on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings

Anyone who wants to join a club must contact your club advisor to find out when your club signup meetings will be held. (If your club is affiliated with your local school, your school's main office should be able to let you know how to contact the advisor.)  Let the advisor know that you are interested in signing up for some SNOW FUN this season!

Refund Policy: There are NO REFUNDS on this already heavily discounted school Club Program for any reason.  

Club Cards & Lessons:

Club members are given a permanent Club Card for the season, which serves as their admission onto the snow and is used to get rental equipment, if desired.  Club Cards are valid only for the 4 hour session and designated day that your club is signed up for. As a club member, keeping track of your Club Card is your responsibility! Lost Club Cards are replaced very rarely, and never without an advisor or after the fifth club visit. If a Club Card is replaced, the club member will be charged a $25 replacement fee.

Each participant’s Club Card must be validated with a colored sticker indicating the participant’s ability level. The stickers are color-coded to correspond with the relative difficulty of each slope at Boston Mills and Brandywine. The club sticker program is used for teaching and assessment purposes.

Remember, you may not let anyone use your Club Card or the equipment obtained with your Club Card. Any misuse, including sticker tampering, will result in loss of privileges. Club members will be assessed a fee if on the slopes without a Club Card.

Note: If for any reason your club will not be attending as an “organized group” due to cancelations on your scheduled day, within the five-consecutive week timeframe, members MUST use one of their Value Pass validations (or pay full price at the ticket windows) to obtain a snow pass and rental, if needed for that day.

If you have any questions regarding cancelations, contact your Club Advisor.

Club Cards:

  • All members are given a RFID Club Card for the season which bears the member’s name, club name, ability level and rental information, if applicable. This Club Card MUST be kept in a chest pocket at all times (so that the RFID scanners can read at any time) and serves as the member’s snow pass, lesson ticket and rental, if applicable.
  • Your Club Cards are valid ONLY for the specific day and four hour session time that your club signed up for. They will NOT validate beyond your four hour session and any other day of the week.
  • Club Card usage is restricted to the person whose name it bears. Club Cards are non-transferrable.
  • The Club Program does not start until January 1, 2018, therefore the Club Cards are not valid and cannot be used prior to the first official club start date in January, therefore are not valid and cannot be used in December.
  • All Club Cards are the responsibility of the member and will not be replaced without good cause. In the event that a Club Card is replaced, the member will be assessed a $25.00 fee. (This can occur only during the first 5 weeks that the club is taking lessons and only at the request of the club advisor.)
  • A one-time only printed snow pass (or One Day Tag) will be issued should a member forget his/her Club Card and is accompanied by the advisor. All one-day printed snow passes (or One Day Tags) MUST be returned to the Club Program Office or Information Office after that day’s session. Any stickers earned and placed on the one-day snow pass will be transferred to the regular Club Card by Club Program staff the following week. No one-day snow passes will be issued for members of a club that has completed its five weeks as an organized group.
  • NO replacement Club Cards and NO one-day snow passes will be issued after the club’s fifth visit. If a member forgets or loses his or her Club Card after that date, they can use their Value Passes or purchase a regular snow pass and rental if needed.
  • After the five weeks of lessons as an organized club are complete, members can then ski or ride ALL DAY using their Club Cards at Boston Mills, Brandywine or Alpine Valley on the club’s designated day only. Your Club Card will still only be active during the club’s selected day.  ALL DAY does NOT include any of our Late Night sessions. You will have to pay the $10.00 upgrade fee to ski or ride during our Late Night sessions. (Or use a Value Pass)

Value Passes:

All Club members receive four *$10 Value Passes that can be used towards any of the following:

  • An all day snow pass at Boston Mills/Brandywine or Alpine Valley
  • A snow tubing session
  • A late night session

Club Cards must be presented at our pass windows by the person whose name appears on the card (or by an adult supervisor/parent/guardian), but any of the Value Passes obtained may be used for a friend or family member if desired. They may not be resold. You can use all four Value Passes at once, and any snow pass you obtain includes rental equipment. 

  • Each member (EXCLUDING SEASON PASSHOLDERS) will receive four Value Passes to use at times other than their regularly scheduled club session.  The four Value Passes will be encoded directly on your Club Card.
  • Either skis or snowboards can be rented on a Value Pass.
  • The four Value Passes can be used for snow tubing, late night sessions, or all day snow passes at Boston Mills, Brandywine or Alpine Valley.
  • If for any reason your club will not be attending as an “organized group” due to cancelations on your scheduled day, within the five-consecutive week timeframe, members MUST use one of their Value Pass validations (or pay full price at the ticket windows) to obtain a snow pass and rental, if needed for that day.
  • Unused validations expire at the end of each season
  • The four Value Passes are *$10.00/each.

 *A $10.00 Administrative Fee will be added to each Value Pass for any and all changes made to a registration from November 21, 2017 through the end of the 17/18 Season.

*A $10.00 Administrative Fee will be added to each Value Pass for any club registrations received January 8, 2018 through the end of the 17/18 Season.

Gear Up!

*Snowblade rental is not available. Sled dogs, Big Feet, Snowrunners, etc., are not permitted in the Club Program at all.


  • Club Members have the choice to either RENT our equipment OR bring their OWN.
  • Members  MUST stay on the same type of equipment/sport that they selected when they registered for the club (either online or paper form). Once the 5 weeks of lessons have been completed with their chosen equipment/sport, the club member is free to rent whatever equipment they would like from then on. But the 5 weeks of lessons must be completed first. The only exception is for members that signed up for snowboarding, who may ONLY switch to skiing during that first week of lessons and prior to the second week of lessons.
  • Helmets are available for rental at an additional $10 per visit.


  • For beginners, renting is the best and most economical introduction to skiing or snowboarding. Members renting equipment proceed directly to the rental department with their Club Card. Our employees will select and distribute the proper equipment for each person.
  • Ski Boot Sizes: Largest = Men’s 16 Smallest = Child’s 7 (BMBW) - Child’s 6 (AV)
  • Snowboard Boot Sizes: Largest = Men’s 15 Smallest = Child’s 13
  • Rentals include: for skiers- skis with bindings, boots and poles; for snowboarders- snowboard with bindings and boots  


  • Club members that have their own equipment and wish to use it during the Club Program are more than welcome to do so.
  • For those members who have their own snowboards, metal edges are required.
  • Strap-on bindings DO NOT require a leash; step-in bindings DO require a leash or brakes.